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Reda and Neto: Caring for our Personal Data

Specifications of the educational resource

1. Identification Information

Título: Reda and Neto: Caring for our Personal Data. Audiovisual educational resource regarding privacy and personal data, intended for students aged 9 to 11.
Year: 2010, 28 January.
Organizers: The Basque Data Protection Agency (AVPD,, with the collaboration of PantallasAmigas ( and council from the Basque Government Department of Education, Investigation and Universities.

2. Description of Project or Resource

The resource consists of a series of audiovisual animations in flash format as well as a didactic guide for teachers that allows instructors to design educational sessions using diverse learning activities related to the animations.

The educational material is located at a pspecific web page,, which explores the issue of how to protect the privacy of one's own personal life as well as that of the lives of others when personal information is involved. It is aimed at adolescents, children and the school community. Different projects can be accessed through this web page, including: Kontuzdatos, "You Decide" (ages 15-17) and manuals on the use of technology by young people (ages 9-11; 12-14; 15-17).

3. Objectives

The resource's ultimate objectives are:

  • For children to appreciate the value of their personal information and that of others, particularly in digital media. They will learn that they can be identified through this information and thus transmit an image of themselves; another person can make a decision that affects them.
  • For children to develop a consistent, active attitude regarding the control of personal information, their own and that of others.

The objective is not to transmit to these children a great deal of knowledge or skills that enable them to protect their personal information.

Rather, the goal is that the children learn basic attitudes: that is, they are to understand the importance of personal information for one's privacy and develop an active and responsible attitude towards the control of personal data.
In order for children to want to learn new attitudes, the material must communicate with them on their levelThus, the material takes on their style of communication: it uses short audiovisual resources to present classic characters and stories as well as practical on- and offline activities that involve the family and lead to understanding through discovery.

4. Target Population

Children, ages 9 to 11, that have had contact with the Internet and other ICTs.

In the educational context, it is intended for use in the 4th, 5th and 6th courses of primary school.

So that the family can also be involved as teaching agent, the materials include activities to be carried out with the child at home.

5. Privacy content

The basic idea, present in all of the animations, is that it is important to control and protect one's personal information and that of others.

Animations. Each of the 4 artoons lasts less than 2 minutes. The cartoons show their protagonists, Reda and Neto (names created from the Spanish terms for "web" and "net"-red and net), leading different adventures that aim to symbolically illustrate the following ideas:

  1. You have a lot of personal data and your image is important
  2. Your personal information is as precious as a treasure: protect it
  3. You have the right to not share all of your personal information
  4. Others' personal information does not belong to you, but protect it as if it were your own.

ACTIVITY GUIDE FOR THE SESSIONS. After each animation is viewed, the resource plants questions intended for verbal debate in groups, as well as practical on- and offline activities for the classroom, which encourage students to explore the ideas presented by the adventures in a real-world context. In addition, related activities to be carried out with the family are suggested. The objective of these activities is to raise the family's awareness of the fact that parents also play a teaching role in education regarding the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), a role that can only be carried out by exploring these ICTs together with their children.

WEB PAGE. In order to facilitate access to the teaching material to the entire education community, a web page,, has been created. The site explores data privacy and protection and can be consulted in or outside the classroom.

The animations and activities can be viewed here and the resource's specifications and didactic guide are available for download.

The resource's location is advantageous, as it encourages users to consult other educational projects directed to the same age range-or others-so that teachers can design or combine other learning activities, etc.

6. Activities to be carried out by the children

Viewing of animations. This is a receptive activity that encourages learners to group share their understanding of the stories' implications.

Activities in the didactic guide

  • online search and experimentation activities conducted in small groups (web pages and social networks for children, etc.)
  • fun offline activities involving working with personal data
  • structured group activities inviting reflection and debate
  • online experimentation activities for families
  • offline reflection activities for families.

7. The context of learning

Formal education, framed by regular activities in educational centres (tutorials, etc.). A group of students and one instructor will participate.

Education in the family. Through their participation in on- and offline activities with their children, families will be made aware of their role as educators in their children's understanding of the use of ICTs.

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