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Reda and Neto: Caring for our Personal Data

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Concept and types of personal data.
Importance of visual images (photographs, videos, etc.)
Key Idea
"You have a lot of personal data and your image is very important".


In-classroom Online Activity

1.Choose a celebrity and look for information about his or her private life.
2. What information about people close to the celebrity (his or her wife or husband, family, etc.) is available on the Internet for anyone ready to look for it?

In-classroom Offline Activity

1. The students form groups of 2. Each person writes 3 pieces of personal information about his or her partner. Students write this information twice, on two halves of a piece of paper, and then cut or tear the paper in half. One of the halves is handed to the instructor, while students keep the other half, keeping its content hidden from their classmates.
2. As in a lottery, the papers are drawn from the pile and the students' personal information is read aloud. Students try to guess whom each set of information describes. Through this activity students will learn that sometimes a person can be easily recognized with only a small amount of information.

Family Online Activity

Together with a parent, the student sends an e-mail to the teacher from home. This document contains a list of the types of personal data that is usually required by forms filled out in person (for example, a gym membership form) and another list with the information usually solicited in Internet contexts.
The adult should send the message from an e-mail address that does not reveal personal data (parents should not use a work address because it reveals their place of work, nor should they use an e-mail address that includes given and surnames). The parent and student team writes the student's name at the end of the message.

Key Ideas

Personal information is the data that can be used to identify us in a given context.
Of course a single piece of information is not enough to identify someone. However, if there is other data stored in another place on the Internet and it is possible to link the pieces of information, a person can be identified. In this case, a person's privacy may be compromised if outside parties use this information without our permission or with the intention of playing a joke on us, benefit from using our data, etc.
While all personal data is important, a photograph is the type of data that most clearly identifies us.

Explanation of Subject

Personal data is defined as the information through which a person can be identified: given name, surname, identity document number, telephone number, address, e-mail address, etc., as well as photographs, which are often the fastest way of identifying someone.
Strangers can identify us through the information about us that is found on the Internet.

Group Discussion Questions

What kinds of personal data are there?
Is your Messenger username an example of personal data?
Why is a photograph an important piece of personal data?